About Lee Minshull

Numismatist Lee Minshull is an expert on 19th century American gold coins. A contributor to the Guidebook of United States Coins for over 25 years, Lee Minshull holds a lifetime membership with the American Numismatic Association. While still a teenager, Lee Minshull won the organization’s Outstanding Young Numismatist of the Year award.

The proprietor of Lee Minshull Rare Coins, Inc., based in Rolling Hills, California, Lee Minshull buys and sel1s U.S. gold coins. His particular specialty is the US $20 coin from 1850 to 1932.

In addition to coins, Lee Minshull holds a long-standing interest in antique maps and globes. Lee Minshull owns 25 vintage globes, including the “Minshull’s Terrestrial Globe,” an early 19th century globe manufactured by a travel company that shared his name.

Lee Minshull belongs to several industry organizations, including the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC), the Professional Numismatic Guild (PNG), the Florida United Numismatists (FUN), and the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

An industry leader, Lee Minshull has earned a reputation for favoring a continual turnover of merchandise as opposed to high profile, flashy sales. Combined with his business associates at Lee Minshull Rare Coins, he has over 100 years of numismatic experience. Lee Minshull and his staff have contributed to some 30 industry journals and 12 books on U.S. coins.

Lee Minshull began his career with the Steve Ivy Rare Coin Company, now Heritage Rare Coin Galleries. Lee Minshull held a variety of responsibilities at the firm before accepting a position at Kevin Lipton Rare Coins before eventually founding his own company in 1992.


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